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Complete BYOD Security for the Mobile Movement

Right now, your customers are facing a tremendous challenge: How to safeguard their network and critical corporate data while – at the same time – allowing their employees and contractors to use their own mobile devices to access those resources. This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement has created a clear mandate for organizations to adopt a new way of thinking, and seek new ways to address network access and device security so they can stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Created and developed by Westcon, BYODShield joins the proven capabilities of BlueCat and Fiberlink into a single, integrated package that provides both network AND device security. As a result, it enables your customers to offer scalable, policy-driven access to their network and applications while protecting their employees’ mobile devices from data loss, malware and other threats.
Westcon Group BYOD Shield: Complete BYOD Security for the Mobile Movement
Why Westcon
Westcon has taken a truly holistic approach to BYOD in order to develop an industry leading solution to the BYOD challenge. By seamlessly integrating the unique strengths of two proven workforce mobility security technologies, Westcon is exclusively positioned to offer our reseller partners a complete network access and protection solution for smartphones and mobile devices.

Why BYODShield Security
BYODShield delivers complete protection by securing the network and critical data resources from BYOD mobile devices and applications.
The BYODShield Advantage
BYODShield controls both network resources and BYOD devices with simplicity and at a low cost for your customers.
BYODShield Key Features
BYODShield combines the capabilities of proven device on-boarding and MDM solutions to form a truly unified BYOD security offering.
BYOD Market Opportunity
The growing BYOD movement and your customers’ expanding BYOD security needs together create a significant opportunity for resellers.


Kari Beethe

Product Sales Manager