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The Vocalcom Contact Center Solution — Proven Capabilities, Proven Results
Vocalcom provides a web-based contact center solution that answers the needs of every company -- small, midsize and enterprise. Imagine the best and simplest solution that perfectly meets the needs of SME and enterprise customers: a single application; a single interface; and a single place to do administration, monitoring and reporting.

HermesNet: Fully Featured Contact Center Solution
When it comes to reaching customers in the digital world, no other solution comes close to HermesNet. Highly reliable and easily scalable, it provides companies all the features they need to reach their customers in a social and connected world.

HermesNet is a web-based application that provides all contact center functions within a standard web browser. It can be installed on any server and hosted anywhere, and does not require any software to be installed on individual PCs.

Social Media - Innovating Customer Service

Vocalcom allows your customers to harness the power of social media to reach their customers and prospects with a built-in social media center so they can reach out and engage, monitor, and support their customers wherever they are. Vocalcom enables social media conversations to happen, but also to go to private conversation; seamlessly moving to a call or to a live chat behind a firewall, in a secured environment.

The Results

Your customers will be able to quickly increase their own customer satisfaction and retention rates across any device: mobiles, SMS, QR-codes, mobile money, social media, email, live chat, in-store kiosk, smart TV, connected cars, video calls, and video chat.

Customers will typically experience huge gains in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Kathleen Birch

Product Sales Specialist